Ambiente Ristorante, Aryaduta – Jakarta

Had the opportunity to have dinner at Ambiente Ristorante (thanks to my sister!), Erfan & I arrived just before closing time for the restaurant. The ambiance is very luxurious with the view outside the building looking beautiful at night. Once seated, we were given compliment cheese sticks and white bread.

Stinco d’Agnello Brasato, Rp.260.000++
Lamb shank which is cooked slowly until very very tender, served with vegetables and mashed potatoes which are very soft and creamy. The lamb doesn’t smell at all, it’s even more delicious when the sauce is dipped in white bread. Really enjoyed until the last bite, best food that I ever ate!

Fileto alla Grigilia con Patate Arrosto e Fagiolini, Rp.360.000++
This is Erfan’s second choice because his first choice of lobster menu was up that night (too bad). The steak was super duper (if I may say) soft, melts in the mouth. No better words could describe it! We can use roasted potatoes, but we choose mashed ones. Oh yes, the menu also says sauteed green beans but unfortunately it wasn’t there.

Overall, we love Ambiente. The food was great, service was also good. We chatted with the waiter and he offered me to sing when I revisit Ambiente LOL. But just as we could have guessed, because it was the time just before closing, the waiters seemed to rush to clear the table even though there were still 2 tables used by visitors to eat (including us), so it’s a bit noisy when cleaning the cutlery on the table.

I hope we can come back and try their other Italian menus like pizza and pasta.

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Aryaduta Jakarta
Jl. Prajurit KKO Usman dan Harun No.44-48 (M Floor)
Gambir, Jakarta Pusat
Tlp: (021) 23521234

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