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If you want to have lunch or dinner at the Pasar Minggu area & waffle comes to your mind, you should visit Brownfox Waffle & Coffee. Located at Jl. Margastwa, South Jakarta you can visit this cute little cafe because it has many freshly made waffle variations, both sweet and savory. Not only that, pasta and Japanese food are also available. Also, they don’t carry the name ‘coffee’ if they don’t have good coffee, right ?!

The place is not big even though has been expanded, the parking lot is not spacious, maybe can’t even accommodate up to 10 cars. But I keep coming back here because Brownfox’s creations always make me curious to be tasted, never disappointing. Oh yes, this place also has a prayer room for Muslim friends to pray.

Cheddar Cheese Waffle, Rp.44,000
This triangular cheese waffle is filled with vegetables, beef bacon and more cheese. Not filling but it taste quite good though not cheesy enough.

BBQ Chicken Waffle, Rp.42,000
This waffle made from potatoes makes it more dense than the plain waffle. Even so, it’s still quite soft because actually the potatoes don’t taste much. Chicken katsu, barbecue sauce & mayonnaise on top are perfect mixes. The chicken was juicy, the level of cook is right.

Chicken Rockets Waffle, Rp.44,000
Same with the above, this waffle is also made from potatoes. Rockets & chunks of chicken breast are sandwiched between the square waffles. Doused with caesar dressing, this dish reminds me of Caesar Salad. Quite filling.

Aglio Olio Tuna, Rp.42,000
Spicy al dente spaghetti with generous tuna chuncks. Delicious!

Chicken Katsu Curry Don, Rp.52.000
This meal consists of rice, a lot of curry sauce & large enough chicken katsu so can be filling. The curry sauce has mild flavor, match with my taste buds.


Salted Caramel Waffle, Rp. 40.000
One of the recommended menus, original crispy waffles topped with vanilla ice cream, salted caramel sauce & toasted almonds. Crispy on the outside, fluffy and spongy on the inside. Very fragrant but the salted caramel was not salty enough. The vanilla ice cream makes the waffle moist & sweet. If you want to feel the originality of the Brownfox’s waffle, you must order this.

Matcha Chocolate Waffle, Rp.48,000
Matcha waffle topped with matcha ice cream, strawberry for freshness, melting chocolate & chocolate shaved. The green tea waffle feels faint but the color is adorable green (well, for me lol). Matcha ice cream here, is so so good.

Mr. Magato, Rp. 32,000
Another matcha creations, it has warm matcha that you must try. Very authentic. Paired with cut waffles, vanilla ice cream, red beans (azuki) and strawberry, again, become a menu that I think is successful in indulging my tongue. You can pour over the warm matcha to the ice cream like classic affogato or…. dipped the waffle into the warm matcha. Both ways are delicious! It’s cold, it’s warm, it’s sweet & bitter at the same time. The combination was BOMB.


Waffle Slice (customized) Rp.33,000
We also tried the waffle slice menu where we can custom from bases, fillings and toppings. We chose original waffles with cheese & almond fillings, add on maple syrup for classic pair. Unfortunately the filling is not too noticeable, as it must be searched on the waffle piece.

And for the beverages, this is our order.

Caramel Coffee Blend, Rp.39,000
Well balanced and enjoyable.

Mix Berries Yogurt, Rp.38,000
Yoghurt mixed with berries. It feels very refreshing with good acidity.

Iced Pure Chamomile, Rp.24,000
Tea lovers would have know this. Fragrant tea. Cute presentation.

Cafe Bombon, Rp.38,000
Coffee with sweet condensed milk & brown sugar. Me likey until the last sip!

I gotta say, Brownfox Waffle & Coffee really makes the waffle really serious. It really is the best waffle in town. The Japanese menu is also very appetizing. Makes me curious to eat another variant of the waffle at Brownfox Bali.

BROWNFOX Waffle & Coffee
IG: @brownfoxwaffle
Jl. Margasatwa No. 9C
Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan
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