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Recently get treated from a good friend who had birthday by lunch at Kamakura Japanese Cafe. Move from their original place at PIK, Kamakura is now open at Fatmawati, near Setia Mitra Hospital. You can spotted this place easily since they use bright blue color for the decoration.

The cafe has about five table and sofa set in indoor area, also a few stalls at the bar and more tables in outdoor area. Just a bit noisy because it’s near the highway so we preferred to sit in indoor area.

Came at lunch hour, we were lucky to get seat inside the cafe. Most of the customers here are Japanese family though we also meet some locals. Three of us order main course & three desserts plus one side dish just because we were so hungry & greedy at the same time, but we’re not sorry at all.

In their small and packed kitchen, you can see the chef make the dish and there are not up to seven people working there. But the service still quick.

Sicilian-style Seafood Peperoncino, Rp.88.000
Similar to aglio olio but using seafood as protein, this dish is actually has big portion. Contains fresh shrimp, calamari, mussels we can taste the seafood broth they use. They also use parmesan on top, makes it more tasty & salty. My friend order this but without any veggie on it, so they put parsley only for garnish.

Homemade Meat Sause Omurice, Rp.70.000
It is a dish that have tomato fried rice underneath omelette & covered with homemade meat-tomato sauce. Served with veggie & saute broccoli.

The fried rice itself doesn’t have a significant flavor since the sauce was all over the place and also made from tomato. Omelette was still runny, add a right amount of creaminess. The sauce is creamy, consist of generous beef & mushroom, the veggies are averages, too bad the saute broccoli use tomato sauce too so all I can taste was tomato. But the portion is large & filling, just wish the sauce could be thicker like on the menu or Kamakura’s Instagram.

Original Mentaiko Omurice, Rp.90.000
Same with my omurice, dish that my friend ordered it has tomato fried rice & nicely cooked omelette as the blanket, but covered with mentaiko sauce.

The sauce is so so good because with fish eggs that makes it more salty & flavorful. What I love about this place is they don’t hesitate to pour the sauce, so generous! And it is one of the best mentaiko we ever had! Enough said.

Fried Potato, Rp.32.000
Slices of potato that fried into perfection; crispy outside, kind of soft baked potato inside.

Kyoto Matcha Fondue, Rp.40.000
We found this so tempting and cute at the same time because of the “stair”. This dessert consist of choco chip ice cream, strawberries, small cut of chocolate cakes & cheesecakes, and also marshmallow. We eat it by dipping the dessert into warm matcha.

The cake are moist and decadent, the sour strawberry are perfect with matcha that sweet & bitter at the same time.

Matcha Pancake, Rp.55.000
A warm, fluffy Japanese style pancake trend is now happening in Jakarta. Kamakura try to serve the typical pancake with fried sweet potato, ice cream, ogura or red beans, strawberry jam and maple syrup.

Although it’s fluffy, the texture is still quite dense & cake-y. In a good way tho. The matcha is really there so give a bit bitterness, match with the sweet toppings and syrup.

Authentic French Toast (FREE for posting on Instagram)
During our visit, free toast is given after we post a picture of Kamakura’s dish and tag on Instagram.
Maybe because it’s free, the portion of the toast wasn’t as big as on the menu but the texture was so goood. It’s fluffy, not too egg-y. But the ice cream with maple syrup just made the toast too sweet.

Overall, Kamakura Japanese Cafe can be a great place if you want to have Western food in Japanese style. The atmosphere was nice, food portions are large, the dessert was enjoyable. Thinking about revisit to try their coffee and other Japanese desserts, who’s with me? Let’s Taste It!

KAMAKURA Japanese Cafe
IG: @kamakura_fatmawati
Ruko Fatmawati Mas 201
Jl. RS Fatmawati (next to RS Setia Mitra) Cilandak, Jakarta Selatan
Tlp: 021-27654899
Open: 09:00 – 22:00
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